Thursday, March 27, 2014



Sister Linton, KristyAnn and Matthew

Elder and Sister Linton enjoying lunch at the Fish Pot

We love their flying fish sandwich!

They arrived right after Carnival and when we visited our chapel, there were some costumes left on the balcony

Matthew couldn't resist putting on a headpiece

Fruit stand in Blackrock

Our friend Marvin is the proprietor

 Marvin is being taught by Sisters Cragan and Joseph
He insisted we have some of his papaya - not our favorite Caribbean fruit, but good  

Papaya tree behind his fruit stand

Brother George playing the pan for us.
It was a good sound

Matthew giving it a try

Matthew debating if he should take a bite out of a Noni Fruit - I don't think so

KristyAnn eating coconut picked, opened and served by Brother George

Matthew and KristyAnn at the entry into the Mangrove

Matthew among the Mangroves

Man in grove

An old sugarcane silo on the golf course

Father and son on top of the sugarcane silo

At Sister Dookran's home we climbed further up the hill  

We passed by Aroon and Linda's home in the distance.  It is a seven-foot by seven-foot box on stilts and they are delighted to have it

We found the Vilafana home in the bush.  He had an amazing view of the Atlantic and a little paradise with several fruit trees that I hadn't previously seen on the island

Pineapple in the Vilafana garden

We went over the mountain to the Caribbean side and visited Old Englishman's Bay

Warning sign to not touch or eat the fruit of the Manchineel Tree

They have a little green apple that can be fatal if eaten and the sap from the tree and leaves will cause serious skin burns

Really big Silk Cotton Tree (KristyAnn)

Matthew in the shade of the tree at right

We visited the fish market on the Atlantic Ocean and they cut some fish filets for us.  The US FDA would go crazy at the conditions they cut and wrapped the fish - didn't bother us!

Delicious fresh fish for $3.20US a pound

A visit to Pigeon Point where we caught a boat and went swimming and snorkeling

Matthew took a self portrait while snorkeling

Father and son standing on a small coral island

Friendly lady took our picture
KristyAnn, Matthew, Elder Linton

Matthew and KristyAnn

It has been wonderful to have our family visit

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