Saturday, February 16, 2013

We took a family picture in our home on the eve of departing for the MTC.

We have been in the MTC for a week and have enjoyed it.  Just think, 3,200 young elders and sisters streaming through the halls and eating in the cafeteria.  I told Nettie that we were witnessing a miracle - they come from all of the world and are going to everywhere in the world.  When another senior couple asked us where we were going and I said West Indies, an elder yelled "that's where I'm from".  He was a very handsome black young man and we introduced ourselves to him.  He said he was from Guadeloupe, spoke French and he is going to Montreal Canada.  He gave us his family names and address and we said we would try to find them and say hi.  Next week we fly out on Saturday the 23rd at 6:00 am.