Monday, March 3, 2014

Anziano Joshua Pinnock 2/19

So this week was good and we got transfer calls :)  Who wants to guess where I’m going?  Okay, I’ll tell you. I’m going to Livorno which is about 15 minutes, by train, from Piza!  My comp's first area was in Piza and he is telling me that I’m going to love it.  

My new companion is Anziano Peterborgh.  He was living here in Verona in my apartment and he went to Livorno two transfers ago so it is weird that we are going to be companions after he just left Verona.  

He has only been in the mission about 3 months more than me so this is going to be a blast.  I leave tomorrow and I have already packed my bags and will be good to go in the morning.  So that is about all I can remember.  

This Sunday was really strange.  It was my last Sunday in Verona as a missionary.  I said goodbye to a lot of the members and we had dinner with a member but not just any member but the member family who was inactive, whom we baptized the daughter, and then the wife was baptized a couple of months later.  They are my greatest miracle so far on my mission.  

It was so great to spend that time with them and after I got a really good picture with all of them.  So the transfer is about all I can think about right now but there was another thing that we did this week was our missionary music night.  It was really fun and a ton of people came.  It was so much fun to have.  All the members loved it, a lot of missionary’s investigators came as well as Desmond and a lot of non-members.  It was super cool and the ward was really nice.  

They brought their friends and a ton of great food.  There wasn't enough time to play my song which is sad but the other musical numbers were a lot better anyway.  Everyone who went just loved it so we were really happy with the success that we had and we hope that some new investigators can come out of it.  At the very least a ton of members were happy so that is good.  

It's really important that we build relationships with members.  

Valentine's Day was good but really uneventful.  We talked with some investigators and at the end we ate at Pizza Love. So that is the thing we did for Valentines day,  we all had a Pizza Love and then went to bed.  Holidays out on your mission are super uneventful but fun all the same.  Plus it was cool to be in Verona, the city of love, on Valentines Day and eat pizza from Pizza Love.  So not bad.  

I dont usually like Valentines day so this one has been one of my best.  

Sorry this letter is really pathetic because not much happened this week but thanks for the update and have a great week.


Hermana Sarah Pinnock 2/17


So this week was pretty great!  Jorge was baptized... great human!  Teaching him was difficult with his mom that just talked and talked siempre but he's awesome.  Hmmmmm 

What else... these letters get harder and harder to write because all the days are blending together... time is going so fast I don´t even know what to do with myself!

But this week was real solid.  My testimony on having members present in lessons shot up to a million... Really it´s so important to work together!  It´s interesting because missionary work just brings people more together.... it's the best!

We have a new great family that we are teaching... Juan Carlos family are way great!  They have 4 babies under 4 years old and every time we are in their home it´s an adventure haha!  They are really awesome because they are trying very hard to learn and grow.  

The second Familia is awesome as well.  This family is Catholic and I find it so interesting because people know that their church has lots and lots of things wrong, or things that don’t make sense, but they don't want to change.  It’s all about tradition.  

My least favorite thing is when people say, "I have enough... I don´t want more”.  What even does that mean...... We as humans settle too much for too little... it´s ridiculous.  

My advise for you back home is don´t settle.... don't even think about it!  Learn, work, find, pray and ask Heavenly Father.... haha do everything possible!  

This life is short so don´t let it pass you by!  I think it is almost impossible to walk slow these days.... Mom you would be so proud at my speed walking skills.... One day I’ll show you but not today.... 

I only got a little time out here so I´m gonna catch em' all!

Love you guys!!!!


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