Saturday, April 12, 2014


A beautiful Silk Cotton tree that is massive

Elder Hill and Elder Christensen couldn't get any closer to the tree with all of the brush in the way so they are about 50 feet in front of it

A couple of homes found on our way to the Williams' home

Elder Christensen from Oak City, Utah
Sister Joseph from St. Vincent, West Indies
Sister Reddy from Fiji
Elder Hill from Salem, Utah

Four great missionaries

Another massive Silk Cotton Tree
Our granddaughter, Jane, standing in front

Straight up with horizontal branching
The tree is covered with epiphytes which are plants living on the surface of the tree (independent of the tree)

Matthew Linton on the right of the Silk Cotton Tree

Sister Reddy was transferred to Trinidad and Sister Cragun on the left replaced her.
Sister Joseph is a convert of two years now serving a mission.

Elder Hill was transferred to Grenada and replaced with Elder Reyes from Australia
Elder Christensen on the right 

Elders and Sisters on the dock to a tide pool.
Elder Reyes, Sister Cragun, Sister Joseph, Elder Christensen

The cattle are sparse and living in a perpetual pasture

 Friendly Caiman in one of the many ponds where we live

 Ronaldo McIntosh wanted show me his turtle act 

 Surprised turtle poking his head out 

Happy turtle

Our granddaughter London
Daughter Kathleen
Granddaughter Brittin
Grandson Joseph (JoJo)
in Tobago for a visit

 London, Brittin and Kathleen on the mangrove boardwalk

 London with a peeling sunburn

 Kathleen at the King George Fort cistern 

 Kathleen, Brittin, London on top and 
JoJo hanging on for fear of falling 

JoJo doesn't see the humor in his precarious three foot perch

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