Monday, March 3, 2014


Hermana Sarah Pinnock 2/10


This week was super sweet.  We had esfuerzos (don´t know the word for this in english) in our area this week!  It was super great!  In the mission here we can´t do activities together so it was way fun to have everyone huntos.

Hermana and I have been working super hard!  I'm lucky because she is super driven and she doesn’t make excuses.  We are getting things done but it´s only because we have the best help and that is our Heavenly Father.

It´s interesting because everyday there is siesta aka when every human and animal just stop everything they are doing and go to bed... Everyone is literally not doing anything for like four hours in the day... but us aka the missionaries are just out trying our hardest to bring people closer to Christ.

It's hard because nobody wants to talk about nada but it´s amazing because every time we really pray for help to find people to teach Heavenly Father never ever ever leaves us empty handed.  And it´s interesting because just when you think you have given your all and you can´t go another step you can and you do and you like it A LOT!

This week we found some amazing investigators who are on date to be baptized in March!  The baptism de Jorge got moved to this Saturday.  Our main investigators right now are Nora who is getting baptized in two weeks... she has been really sick lately so we haven't seen her in days which makes us nervous but I have faith that she will be alright.
Neury,  she´s from the dominican republic.... I love people from there because they have a chill, sassy kind of personality.  

Juan Carlos and his wife who are awesome!  So if ya’ll want to pray for them feel free…. Praying = best thing.

I`m so proud of Joshy.... He looks so cute in his photo..... He finally got my letter!  Love that liver!

The mission is rockin!  Love you guys!  Super proud to have some amazing missionaries for a family!

Love you guys sooooooooooooooooooooo much!
Hermana Pinnock

Anziano Joshua Pinnock 2/23

This last week for us was amazing.
It was really annoying due to the never ending rain but it was still a
great week. 

We met with two of our investigators who we have been
having problems meeting with and they are both great. We found out
the problems both of them have and while they are problems we can
work through it. 

One doesn’t read clearly in the Bible the reason for a person
to be baptized by someone with the priesthood in the name of Christ so
any Bible scriptures you may know about that would be very helpful.

The other man has a problem with coming to church. He plays for the
soccer team of Verona, that means that he is ammmaaazzzzinnnggg at
soccer but also that he can't come to church which is kind of

The really stupid thing is that he cant play right now due
to an injury that he has had for a while but whenever he asks if he
could at least come to sacrament meeting his superiors just say no but
he is working on it. 

They are both amazing investigators and have
amazing potential especially because they both speak fluent Italian
which is really saying something due to the fact that they are

We are praying for them so its up to them. 

The soccer guy's
name is Derek and the other is Jeanclaude so any prayers would be
great. If you know any bible scriptures as well for Jeanclaude that
would be much appreciated. 

So the other news is about Desmond this
week. He is doing super great and should get the priesthood this
week. He is loving life and I can see him getting better and better
at using the Holy Ghost. It already helped him resist one of his
greatest problems in the past so that is amazing. We continue to
teach him Italian but it is going super slow.  

On Sunday a member who speaks english allowed us to come
to his house for lunch and then after Desmond came and we had a great
lesson with him. They got along super well so we were super happy. 

We were a little scared at first but now they should have a better
relationship and that will help us when we leave because we wont
always be here for him. 

Talking about leaving this could be my last
full week in Verona. Next week is transfers and it is very likely
that I'm out of here. Its going to be weird to be in another city but
it will really help me. I dont want to leave all of these friendships
behind but I know that I will make some more in the other city.
Besides if all else fails I can just bribe the members with cookies again. 

I finished the Book of Mormon again today
and started on the Pearl of Great Price so that I can lead into the Old Testament. I realized that I don't know the bible that well even
though we believe in both. So I’m going to fix that and
become more familiar with the bible as well. 

So have a great week and
enjoy the snow if there is any.

Anziano Joshua Pinnock

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