Monday, March 17, 2014


The work here is progressing well.  We had 51 attend church Sunday and ordained two young men in Priesthood advancements.  We love the youth and believe they are the strength of the branch which is the only church unit on the island.  

Sister Camejo is on the right and her sister Chenelle is on the left.  Their niece that lives in Trinidad and came to visit with her aunties is sandwiched between.  They were cold (probably about 75F) and we put a blanket over them.

Sister Camejo is the Young Women's President in the Tobago Branch and her sister Chenelle is the Stake Young Women's President in the Trinidad Port of Spain Stake

This is Sister Camejo's son, Ronaldo.  He just turned 12 and was ordained a Deacon Sunday.  He reminded me daily that it was going to be his birthday and he expected to be ordained so he could pass the sacrament.  He is an exceptional young man and he will make a great missionary

Renaldo said that Sherlon Timothy told him the secret of getting girls to like him 

We asked him what it was and he said you tell them two things:

"You're like Google - you have everything I've been looking for"

"You're an artist - because your drawing my attention"

The mission prep students following class and dinner sleeping on our front porch.
Destin is sprawled out on the couch and is the oldest (18) and will leave on his mission this summer after he finishes his additional school for graduation.

Diana is propped on his knee - she has her heart set on Destin who has a major influence on a lot of the young men in Tobago and especially the boys in the branch

We have mission preparation class twice a month.  Destin George, Diana Welch, Che' Sampson and Niccoli Jones participate.  All four are committed to serving a mission.

After about four months of Sister Linton fixing their meals they said they would prefer authentic Tobago food.  We now have Sister Camejo cook the meal on Saturday and we heat it up and serve it to them on Sunday afternoon.

This is Che' Sampson - he is a recent convert because of his best friend Destin.  He is exceptionally smart and bares a powerful testimony

Che' always seems asleep in class.  The youth teach themselves in Sunday School and the older young men take turns with the adult men teaching in Priesthood.

When a particular point is made and I wonder if he's paying attention, I will ask him a question on what was said.  

He always opens his eyes as if startled and then he gives the perfect answer - I'm always impressed

Niccoli Jones is the quietest of the boys.  Sometimes he will spend the entire afternoon with us and never say a word.  He can also be quiet if you ask him a question but will be engaged at times and seems to have a decent understanding of what's being taught.

Diana Welch wants to leave for her mission tomorrow.  

She graduated from High School when she was 16 and is now taking additional schooling that will give her a post high school diploma that is recommended as a pre-college requirement.   

Kristen George had a major fall off his bike and was bandaged up when we visited with him.  

He just turned 14 and was ordained a teacher this past Sunday (March 16, 2014).  When we took a birthday cake to his home he had two of his friends there and they were so excited about the cake they could hardly contain themselves.  

He is a great young man and has a close tie with the other young men in the branch - they are best friends.  They have often said that other students on the island criticize them for belonging to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

When I asked them what they criticized most they said others tell them they are not christians.  I asked them what they answered and they all testified strongly on Christ being the center of our church and they know He is their personal Savior.

 The youth went into the "bush" over Carnival.  The camp was organized by Brother and Sister George with the intent to have the kids out of the madness of Carnival and it worked out great.  We had twenty participate.

Ronaldo's brother, Christian, under the basketball standard, is 14 and he was lonely for his previous home in Trinidad.  

I thought about it a couple of days and it occurred to me to buy him a basketball, make him the team captain and then have the missionaries play ball with him and his friends.

It has been a huge success.  The two missionaries enjoy the exercise and the boys playing have grown from those in our branch to a couple of non-members.  They play every saturday for two hours and then again on Tuesday.

Best of all, Christian is much happier.

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