Thursday, March 27, 2014

March 27 2014

Message from President and Sister Mehr

We have had a fantastic month of baptisms and reactivation. This past month there were 200 more people on average who attended church than during the same time period last year. We welcomed 48 people into the waters of baptism. With attendance and baptisms both rising, we see increasing evidence of real growth in the church. This is a result of the growing faith of the members and the diligence and obedience of the missionaries.  Remember the promise found in D&C 31: 7. "Yea, I will open the hearts of the people and they will receive you.  And I will establish a church by your hand”. We are witnessing first hand the fulfillment of this promise.

Couva, Trinidad
Elder Grimm, Elder Contreras
The Importance of Goal Setting

For the new transfer, we had a goal of 2 baptisms. We weren't really sure how we would do it, but we trusted in the Lord to lead us. We were teaching a family that had stalled. The younger children wanted to be baptized, but we knew it would be better to wait for more of the family. During a lesson, the oldest daughter (who had never been interested) passed by. Inspired by our transfer goal, we invited her to sit in on the lesson. Surprisingly, she joined us! She eventually grew to have a strong testimony of the gospel. She and her younger siblings were baptized and are an excellent example for their parents.

Calliaqua, St. Vincent
Sister Taylor, Sister Bennie, Sister Worthington
The Lord answers Prayers

When we first started teaching Brother Mattis, he worked Sundays and thought he would never be able to come to church. We invited him to pray and ask Heavenly Father to help him. The very next day he told us that his boss called and switched his day shift to a night shift.  He now works Saturday night until 6am on Sunday morning and comes to church every week. He will be a great kingdom builder here in St. Vincent.

Arima, Trinidad
Elder Christ and Elder Jeppson
Power of Fasting

We held a special fast to baptize this transfer.  We worked hard to meet that goal, but by week six, no one was progressing. As we prayed about our goals that last week, we still felt that we should set a goal to baptize even though we had nothing lined up. Well, the very next appointment that day was with a woman referred by a member in Curepe. She was super solid and had even already attended church. She was a golden investigator—and asked us when she could be baptized! Fasting truly brings blessings from our faith
and sacrifice.

Lamentin, Guadeloupe
Elder Wade, Elder Belnap
Prayer and Fasting

Jocelyn was a long-time investigator who could never keep a baptismal date. During weekly planning, I had a strong impression that we needed to have a baptism Saturday. We started praying for help. We decided to fast for Jocelyn up until we saw him the next day. We sat down and talked to him about why he needed to get baptized this Saturday. He agreed and was baptized that week! Miracles are truly brought by fasting and prayer.

Christ’s Church, Barbados
Sister Smith, Sister Charters
Working with Members

We invited a family to think of someone they could to introduce to the church. Seven weeks later Keivan was baptized! He couldn't wait to be baptized so he could “be sanctified”, and now he says "These are the girls who  changed me!

Rose Hall, Guyana
Elder Chapman, Elder Richardson
Power of Fasting and of Testifying Boldly

We found the Haramdass family on a street which had been tracted a hundred times.  They let us in the first day, but told us they didn't want to leave their church. We taught them the Restoration very clearly and powerfully. The husband was touched by the spirit, even to the point of defending the truth and bearing testimony to his wife, who was still quite opposed. We fasted for them the next Sunday--and the whole family came to church. She accepted our teaching from that point on. Now the Mom and Dad are baptized and the kids will soon be baptized, hopefully by their father. Fasting brings miracles!

Chaguanas, Trinidad
Sister Taufu’i, Sister Jex, Sister Shirts
Conversion power of The Book of Mormon

When we found Bro. Thomas, he didn’t want to come to church and didn't believe that one had to be baptized to be with God.  However, he was willing to read the Book of Mormon. He started recognizing things he was doing in his life that he wanted to change and started to repent, not even being fully aware of the changes he was making.  He came to church and has been coming since!

Curepe, Trinidad
Sister Edmonds, Sister Giles, Sister Jex
Teaching to the Needs of Investigators

Candice didn’t believe we can actually be happy in this life. She always thought that we would suffer now and that happiness would come later. When we taught her the Plan of Salvation, she was amazed. In the next lesson, we had the privilege of having Sister Kathleen Anderson with us. She helped Candice see how we are able to have peace in this life. From that moment on Candice's progression skyrocketed. She was willing to do everything that the Lord commands.  To see how happy she is now is such a testimony builder for us. The Atonement truly changes hearts.

Wanica, Suriname
Elder Helm and Elder Beckstrand
Importance of Always Finding

We contacted Brother Gali. He came to church every week, absorbed every principle like a sponge and was baptised! He was prepared before we even met him!

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