Monday, September 2, 2013

Letters from home

Hermana Pinnock 

I'm glad ya’ll had fun at Bear Lake.  Also so happy baby girl finally emailed me.... good human.  David I sent you a letter.  Glad Emi did well at her farewell!!!  Love her.
This has been a solid week.  We had a conference with Elder Cardon from the Quorum of the 70.  He taught us a bunch of random stuff... it was very, very good.
We had a ward party on Friday where lots of ward members brought non members.... BEST THING!  It makes our job so much easier.  We got to give them a tour of the building.  The non members kept on saying how impressed they were with our church, how well behaved everyone was and how they loved how it was centered on the family!  So Awesome! Also they had an Elvis impersonator at the party... So funny!!!   I'll send pics.
So, some people I'm teaching are Javier.  He rocks!  He just came to church for the first time yesterday and loved it!  He's reading everyday and says he believes it's true.... yes.  Last Sunday my comp and I prayed and fasted to have more success in the Foothill area and let me tell you something... the power of fasting and prayer is real.  We found twins that are 17 years old to teach and we are super excited about them.  Their names are Desiree and Darius.
My companion is rockin'.  She is literally the nicest human ever!  Everyone that knows her loves her!  She went to Alta high school so I asked if she knew the Romeros but she didn't - darn.  The other day we were driving down the street in the middle of Welton and we passed one of the largest cow farms ever!!!!  There was a fly in the car that attacked my companion so she was all like "AAAhhh!" and swatted it to me so I freaked out and my companion rolled down the window and that was a mistake.  The smell of a million cows flooded into our car.... worst thing... also hilarious.... love her.

So it's really hot here.  Like really hot.  We are pounding water like it's no human’s business.
So my message today is about enduring to the end.  I've probably talked about this before but here it goes again.  Whenever people say "endure to the end" it sounds like you’re dragging a boulder across the desert but it's the best thing!!  People don't understand the blessings that come from not giving up!  Heavenly Father gave us guidelines to be happy!  It's so sad how many people just give up.  Don’t! Challenge to you = read 2 Nephi 31:20 with the happiest voice.  Enduring to the end isn't easy but it's The HAPPIEST thang!!!
Zero time sorry!
XO, Me

Hermana Pinnock 

Hey family,

Another week... weird!  Everyone always told me that the first few months are no bueno pero me gusta mucho!

So we had a really great lesson with Javier this last week! We literally took away all his cigarettes and all his beer soooooo... ya!  He is a great human!  We set some really great goals with him for the next month.  We went over the resurrection with him and realized he doesn't understand anything we taught him, that's always is a good feeling, haha!  So, we're going to retrace a little bit/a lot a bit... But really he’s doing great!  Even though he doesn't understand he reads the scriptures like it's nobody's business and says that something keeps on leading him to us.... duh it's the man upstairs.

It rained elephants down here!  Apparently when it's not blazing hot it rains cannon balls.... I loved it!!!  The lightning was insane.  People see it hit the ground all the time!  My companion and I were totally soaked (Loved it!!!!).  It was amazing!!!!!!!

Writing in my journal is hard because we have zero time but I've made a goal to write no miracle a dia!

We did exchanges this last week and I went into an area where they mostly speak spanish and let me tell you I know nothing about spanish.... My only way to speak spanish is to smile really big and say, "lo siento mi espanol es muy bad!!!".  When I say sentences people just look at me with one squinted eye, haha!  It's super funny!!!

We had our first planned church activity/missionary activity on Saturday.  It was 'Movie, Tour and Treats’.  It was pretty not successful.... like pretty much an epic fail but we think it was mostly do to the blocked off road and crazy weather.  At least that's what we told ourselves to feel better haha!

This last week we had a few disappointments with Jesus (p.s. everyone and their dog is named Jesus... We're teaching like five right now... haha).  We think he got into some anti-mormon stuff.... boo.  He was disclaiming the Book of Mormon with whatever, so I finally said if you want to know if the Book of Mormon is true you're going to have to read it and find out for yourself.  Then he said how he didn't want to know if the church is true.  We went home pretty sad that night, but the good news is that the church is true and the work keeps on moving!

We also got a new family last week!  I love them!  When we got in the house the mom pointed at us and said all sassy-like, "Let me first ask.... Are you Christian?!"  and we were all like “Haha Yes!" then she started waving her finger and was all like, "Good!"

We also taught this really cute 17 year old girl named Desiree!  She is a winner!  She's going through some rough family stuff.... like really rough but she's a rock!

Being out here is pretty much the best thing regardless of the hard times.  I am learning so much, it's the best!  I love it!  Also I'm going through all the last conference talks and it's the best thing!  Do it!

I just want you all to know that we have a living, breathing Prophet!  Like he's real!  I'm always sad I don't have more time to write about everything but know that I love y’al!  I have the best family in the world.  Thanks for raising me like this!  Thanks for fulfilling your callings!  Thanks for your letters!  Thanks for your love!  I love y’all so much!

These are pics of the casa, my neighborhood, my companion and me and me after I finally attached my bike onto the car… lolz

xo Hermana Pinnock  

Anziano Pinnock

What’s happening family?   I read your email and it was great.  Sounds like McCall was a blast.  Mission prep sounded way good too.  However, mom, waffles with bananas and berry syrup?   I think you got a little excited for your first one, am I right?   Anyway, sounds like you won the heart of everyone going to mission prep and may have some new people go just for the after-party.  This week was awesome.  My companion and I had a couple of hard lessons but we also had some really good ones where I felt like I could actually understand them and tell them what they needed to hear.  Last night was the best night ever. For the devotional we had Elder Scott come and talk to us.  He gave the best talk about prayer that really helped me and everyone else feel the spirit and learn something new or receive an answer to a prayer.   He said that during it he knew that his wife, who died a long time ago, was allowed to be there and he could feel her spirit.  When he said that the spirit was soooooooooo strong and it testified that what he said was true.   That’s so cool to be so in tune with the spirit that you know when your wife on the other side of the veil is there.  At the end he gave the entire MTC and all the missionaries a blessing.  When he talked about learning a new language it really hit home and made me feel like I can actually learn it.  This week all but one person in my room has gotten a super stuffy nose and a sore throat.  Don’t worry we're fine but going to bed is like an audition for a sniffing concert.  But besides that all is good.  

To answer your questions:  Yes I'm seeing a ton of friends at the MTC and for the most part it helps.  It’s just great to be able to talk to someone that I already know and don't have to start the conversation from the very bottom.  On the Sunday devotional me and Nick Liddell talked for about half an hour and that really helped.  I see Michael Dellenbach and Campbell Mcgavin at the Tuesday devotionals and we always have a good laugh.  

Thanks for everything.

Anziano Pinnock

The Italian word for message is messago and the word for massage is massago so our teacher told us that when she was a missionary in Italy she was at an apartment and when they buzzed a guy in the lobby they told him they had a massage for them.  Well, ten minutes later this man came downstairs in a purple robe ready for a massage.  Our class had a good laugh about that.  
Next week is our last week in the MTC and we are all looking forward to that.  
Anyway, sounds like life is going on.  Today when we went to the temple we saw Hugh there as he was a veil worker. Stephen told me that he thinks that Hugh is stalking him because he has his MTC schedule.  Haha sounds like they are getting along just swimmingly.  I'm glad you got my pictures.  I hope that Jane has already set one of them as the computer screen saver but I know the saver is probably Sarah in Arizona either with her president or her zone.  Yes, I am getting her emails and they make my day.  I can tell she is having a blast and is losing herself in the work.  

This week we got a letter from our president telling us the run down of getting there.  There was one part that really made me laugh.  He doesn't personally allow iPods so I'm sending mine back but I’ll keep the speakers because he said that CD's are fine and Stephen gave me a CD of Jake and his family singing.   So sorry for all the work you put into getting me my iPod and speakers and just know that it is the thought that counts.  Also if there are any good CD's feel free to send them.  

I got your package and I loved it.  Thanks for sending them they make my day.  Next week is our last full week at the MTC and we are all getting stoked to go to Italy.  I saw Preston Bodily today right after he was dropped off so I missed his family but I embarrassed him when I yelled out his name and gave him a hug in front of everyone.  Thanks for all the stuff and the support you’re giving me.  All the letters and packages help me discern the days from each other which is a lot harder than you think because the days here are all the same.  I'm going to send a package home next week with Sarah's stuff and some of mine.  Thanks for everything!  I’ll send you some pictures later when I'm doing my laundry.

Jane: make sure you don't kill yourself from all the dance classes and violin.  I don't want you going insane when I come home because you’re doing too much.  Oh and you can't hang out with boys until after I'm back and can threaten them at least a little.

Love you all so much!  Enjoy life and school!

Ben Linton

Here's my first day of school outfit! what do you think?

Ben, You need to cover up more of your weird face and I don't know about the t-shirt - it might be a bit too much.  Try something in purple silk with yellow polka dots.

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