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Missionaries around the World

Tobago Baptism Beach

Family Missionary Letters

Hermana Pinnock 9/16 

(Our granddaughter serving in Tempe Arizona waiting for her visa to go to Argentina) 


This week nothing much happened.... Oh but I did get into a CAR CRASH (dun dun dun).  Haha it was pretty scary for like one second but it was over and we are all safe.  We both have some pretty crazy bruises but we had to have some proof right????  But really I'm fine!!!!!!  

It's actually pretty amazing because there were like a ton of little mercies that Heavenly Father gave us like how our accident happened right across the street from the fire department.  They literally looked across the street, stepped into their truck, the truck went weeooweeoo for a second, and then we had people taking care of us.  

Also some members from another ward saw us right after the crash and came and helped us the rest of the day.  Taking us where we need to go, getting us what we needed.... They rocked.  Also remember how small the LDS population is and how unlikely it is that would happen.  Also I felt so much calmer during this accident compared to my one three years ago. The last one I felt like a wreck but this time I was so at peace.  Also I got to talk to some cops about the gospel so that rocked!

So that pretty much put us on bikes for the rest of the week which is really hard because our area is huge.  We cover 2 english wards and a spanish branch so it's pretty big but the work moves on I guess.  We should be able to drive on Tuesday.  

The new thing my companion and I want to do this transfer is work more with less actives and part member families.  Our wards are easily 60% less-active so we decided that the best way we could get people from the ward to help us is by helping them and right now they need less-active help BAD!  It's hard because at the end of the day our stats look like we haven't done anything but it's also the best because I know that regardless, if it's getting baptisms, helping people come to church or feel loved, it's all God's work.

I LOVE riding my bike... like it's the best!  When I get home I think I'm going to bike to school because I love it!

This next Saturday we have planned a talent show to hopefully get some of our investigators at church and make people feel more comfortable at the church. It should be really fun!!!!

Laura, our investigator, came to church yesterday and she legit didn't stop smiling the whole time!!!  People in the ward were so welcoming to her it was the best!!!!  She should be getting baptized in a few weeks.  Javier also came!  We only got to teach him one time this week because of the car accident but he surprised us and said that he asked for the day off of work and came!  The spirit at church is soooo real!

I loved the package you sent!!!  I wear Jane's bracelet everyday!  The music is my lifesaver!  Is Libby on there because I'm pretty sure she is and when I heard her I was kind of like this :) :D :0.  Holy she knows how to sing.

So lesson of the week is just try your hardest!... Sooo many people just give up!  They give up in work, with their families, and saddest of all their relationship with their Heavenly Father.  In Joshua 1:5 it says, "I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee"... When I read this last week it gave me so much comfort!!!  Heavenly Father will never give up on you... ever!  You are the only one who can shut that door.  Praying is huge out here!!!!!!!!!!  I've learned how good it feels to pray.  It's like we get to talk to the best person ever!  I love it!  I love you guys!  Thanks for everything!

XO Hermana Pinnock

P.S. Baby Girl I've been thinking about you a lot lately!  I love you!

Mom:  I'm sorry if my letters kind of stink... I really am trying my hardest but I have ZERO time.  I read all your letters but again ZERO time.  I love everything you say and send!

Anziano Pinnock 9/18

(Our grandson serving in Milan Italy) 


Well it sounds like life is going just great.  Jane is holding on
and David is starting to lose it.  A 4.0 is hard in high school let alone collage so he is amazing. That’s cool that the Webbs are going to be coming here.  Tell them I would love just some good old American food.
Also I'm not near the arena but I know where it is. I am more
near the Porta Vescavo (door bishop) ask John he would know. 
Well life here goes on. It’s starting to get cold and I love it. Tomorrow we have another new elder's training so I will see Stephen. The language is going a little bit better but not in
lessons. Because of the African refugees there are a lot of Africans here and they are a lot more open to the gospel so we have only taught one lesson in Italian. The Italians are kind of snobs. They are proud of where they live and because they grew up "catholic" they don’t think they need to hear anymore about Jesus Christ. It’s hard and the members don’t trust us yet so we don’t get any referrals from them but we are planning an activity which should break the ice.
Thanks for your email mom and for keeping me posted. I don’t know David’s email so get him to email me and get Jane to do her one sentence that she promised
me. Thanks for all the support from home.
Anziano Pinnock

Getting ready for a Tobago Baptism

West Indies Missionary Testimonies

Our baptism was a wonderful experience. The Ward Council came! It was awesome. Most of them bore their testimony at the end and I feel that they are getting excited about missionary work. The Relief Society President even drove her home. The coolest part to see is how the members of the Ward Council are helping out our new convert and supporting her. Last Sunday the Bishop gave her the standard LDS works and several other Church related books. She now has her own gospel library!

Elder Watson

We baptized Angelo and Shaneen Jubitana, the two children of our recent convert Revelino Jubitana. It was really good to teach them and we worked together with the Primary president which helped a lot.  

Elder Westra & Elder Alpeter 

Rhonda have been investigating the church for about 8 years. She's almost been baptized twice before, and she finally got baptized on August 10, 2013. 

When Sister Taylor and I got to the ward we asked if we could help get her baptized and she said that she hoped so, because every time she has tried, something always happened.  Our first Sunday in the ward, she told us she is ready to try again! We identified her concerns, and now she's a member of the church!!
Sister Grigg, Sister Taylor

Best seats in the house for a baptism

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