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Our 50th Wedding Anniversary
September 6

First light over the Plantations


 Letters from Home

Hermana Pinnock

So.....  This week I got to meet with President Toone but our meeting was all of five seconds because the liver before me took a million hours!  Haha it was fine..... I don't have any issues so it was fine.  He really is the most loving guy I know.  Everytime he speaks he's got little tears building up in his eyes.

Brother Grubbs, my first investigator, is now attending church regularly with his family and decided to read the BOM on his own.... so cool!  Their family is way legit... I love them so much!  Even though the wife is a member she said that lately as they have been reading and praying as a family she's felt Heavenly Father’s love for her and her family more.

It is "hotsie totsie" down here, as Grandma Nettie would say, but honestly it's not the worst thing.  I think of all those poor, poor Eskimos with their parkas trying to light a fire and I say to myself, "Someday we'll get to trade."

BIG NEWS = I'm getting Facebook..... tomorrow..... soooooo weird.  I don't know what to think about it.  It makes me a little crazy but I know that Heavenly Father knows what is up and if this is what the work needs then I'm on board.... still so weird.  We might be getting iPads in a couple of weeks soooooo be jealous.  Really this is the weirdest thing. Coming from never being computer savvy (I remember when Saro Romero had to train me on facebook because I couldn't figure it out haha), to completely leaving it all behind, to this now is just crazy.  They said I'll be using the Facebook account I had before I headed out so 'friend me' hahaha!

Spiritual stuff --- Life is a nice thing... and I'll tell you why. We are children of God!!!!!  I was thinking about this and I want you to think about it.... the most powerful being is our Heavenly Father!  He created everything!  He has a million children yet every single little prayer we have goes straight up and he records it and hears it.  For some reason people refuse to accept the blessings he has given them.  It's sad to see that people don't understand their potential.  

Javier, smoked and drank again this week and he was all justifying himself saying, "I've been doing way good!  Don't be mad." and other stuff like that.  And he has been doing a lot better and I've never been addicted to anything so I don't judge it but it was sad to see him digress.  

It was sad that he let Satan get even one inch into his territory so I just looked at him and I was all like, "Javier, you are a son of God.  Don't sell yourself short."  And it was kind of funny because his eyes got all big but I could tell that it really hit him.  

Humans back home, don't sell yourselves short.  We've only got one chance at this life, so don't give up or give in.  If you think that the world has something better to offer you... it doesn't.

I love you all!  Let me know what you want to hear about because I don't know what I'm talking about half the time... just trying to be led by the spirit... no big deal.  LOVE YOU LOVE YOU!

Sun just above the horizon over the Atlantic

Anziano Pinnock

Well it seems like life is going just great at home.  Everyone is getting along great and school has started.  I'll try my best to get details in this letter.  I'm sorry I don't give you a lot of information it's just that there isn't a lot to tell here.  It feels like, for the most part, every day is the same.  Sarah and I are writing and that is really fun.

We have two "investigators" who are both progressing.  We had our last lesson with one of them yesterday where we committed her to baptism.  Our second one is really close and we hope to have a date planned tomorrow.

I see all the Olympus kids all the time and they all say that you are doing an amazing job in mission prep.  Stephen and I are getting along really well and have a blast whenever we talk.  My teacher also had her last day teaching yesterday before she went to DC for an internship. 

The devotional last night was given by Elder Andersen and it was amazing.  He talked about the power of testimonies and sacrifices.  After, we walked back in the pouring rain which made my suit smell like mildew, but we already took them to be dry cleaned and they will be ready tomorrow.

So we leave Tuesday morning for the airport at 530.  We should be at the airport by about 7 and through customs at about 8 so I'll try to call you there.  We are leaving that airport at 1045 for Chicago.  We arrive at 240 and leave for London at 515 pm and get there at 650 am and finally leave London for Milan at 910 and get there at 1205.  One and a half days of traveling.  That is where I get my last nap for 2 years.

I'll try and call you in Salt Lake and we can talk for a while and if you want I can call you in Chicago as well but probably not in London.  Make sure you get me a calling card with a good amount of time on it and be ready for a call at one of those times.  I know I won't be able to talk to Jane because of school and maybe not David but I'll send something for her.

The MTC has been great.  I have liked my companion and we have gotten along great.  We are all super excited to get to Italy.  I can say a lot of Italian but it's all just about church things.  My conversational Italian is non-existent.

Love you!

"Here Comes the Sun"

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