Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Letters From Home

Kathleen Linton Smith Family

Fam, I Came home from work late yesterday and Brittin surprised me with her hand made cup"cake" dessert... 
It is Van Gogh's "Sunflower" :-) 
Cana I say, GIFTED?!

First Day of 4th Grade! More exciting than Christmas!
All the students in the entire Elementary school were given their own iPads! WTH??

Brittins First Day of 8th Grade!

1. Sugar Scull T-shirt $20.00
2. Tiffany & Co. Blue shorts $39.00
3. Circa 1970's original steel necklace
4. Feeling like a Rock Star the first day of school?

"The All Great and Powerful"

First Day of 7th Grade...
Now that little apple does not fall far from the tree!

Smith and Christiansen girls

A customers 6 yr old son fell in love with me at first sight. For over a month he has been writing me poetry and bringing me flowers to work.

Last week he officially asked me if he could take me on a date to an Ice Cream shop on Saturday. I said yes and he said he will pay for everything but I will have to drive :) 

He followed up during the week to ask what color dress I would be wearing, I said light blue.

Saturday at 6 I washed the car, shined the tires and dressed in blue. When I arrived he was in a 3 piece suit, light blue bow tie and holding a corsage with daisies and blue ribbon.

He opened every door, pulled my chairs out, got me napkins and held my arm everywhere we went!

After the ice cream, I took him to the mall for the photo booth fun pictures and Bath & Body Works so he could buy me yummy lotion.

We talked, laughed, sang loud to Lady Gaga with the windows down and had him home by curfew.


Yummy lotion! I bought him cologne :)  

Every flavor, every topping!

Mall booth pictures!

 Love you!

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