Friday, September 13, 2013

Tobago Branch party at Pigeon Point Beach
September 2013

Pie eating contest
Sister Linton and Elder Hill are willing competitors

Ready, set,


Everybody is cheering!

Some of the little kids are mystified - never seen anything like this before

Elder Hill won - with hardly a smudge on his face

Nettie's grown a goatee 

Aeryn Baynes jumped out of the ocean and into the contest 

Looks like Aeryn only wanted the whipped cream

Deyonce had her face wiped off before I could get her picture

Caelyn Baynes had to have a little help from mom to get to the bottom of the plate

Adorable Caelyn Baynes loved the chocolate pie eating contest

John Mark with chocolate pie all over his face  All you can see is the whipped cream

This little guy did it all and was full of the dickens - don't know his name

In the egg toss contest, Anderson Burris tried to catch an incoming egg and it exploded in his hand and coated his body

  Shocked at first he examined himself and ran into the ocean to wash off - it was the best laugh of the party

Deyonce is going to be baptized in a couple of weeks

Her mother, who is a hair stylist braids pre-braided hair pieces onto her hair.

Omaya Regis is 3 and wanted her picture taken

Omaya showing off her braided hair

Mya Timothy has wild and crazy hair

Buzzed, Ronaldo is seven

As we were leaving the Timothy home, Sister Timothy's daughter, Whitney, came running toward us giggling and calling out our name

We were delighted to see her beautiful smiling face

When we were waiting for our mission call I felt we might be called to serve in Africa

We've found ourselves serving those of African descent displaced to the little island of Tobago generations ago

We love the Tobagonians! 

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