Friday, November 8, 2013

Success Testimonies

The Seegobin Family, Trinidad
Elder Scott, Elder Ferrin, Elder
Nebeker, & Elder Collins
• • •
The missionaries have worked with this family for well over a year. The 14-year old son was baptized first, then their daughter, and eventually Sister Seegobin was baptized in
early September.  They all eagerly awaited the day when their father would join as well. He
felt as though he couldn't close his shop on Sundays and was working to understand the Word of Wisdom. After seeing his wife baptized, he began to seriously investigate the
Church, and while preparing for baptism told the missionaries to be prepared for the call from him to be baptized that coming Saturday. Two weeks prior to his scheduled baptism
date, he called the missionaries and asked to be baptized that week. He was baptized on Oct 19th, bringing the entire family together as members of Jesus Christ's true Church.

Asa Glean, Grenada 
Sister Cragun & Sister Kime
• • •
We met Asa through his sister Carlin who is a
member. We were doing service for Carlin one day and Asa was there so we started to teach
him. It was raining that day. Asa said that he felt lucky because if it hadn't been raining he wouldn't have been home that day. Asa will turn 18 at the end of the month and is planning to serve a mission in a year.

Joeloemsingh Family, Suriname 
Elder Staley & Elder Free
• • •
These missionaries had been encouraging the Branch President to take them to see less actives. After quite some time, he took them to visit the Joeloemsingh family, who had been
baptized with several of their children more than 5 years ago. They referred them to one of their daughters and her three children who were not members.  After a very spiritual first lesson, one of the members they took with them to the lesson invited the mother to be
baptized, and she excitedly accepted.  Despite many challenges and trials, all 4 of them were baptized on the 27th of October. This is a wonderful example of working with members in every phase of the work; finding, fellowshipping, and teaching.

The Andrews Family, Trinidad
Sister Taylor & Sister Grigg
• • •
Sister Andrews, one of the first members of the Matura, Trinidad group, has given the missionaries over 10 referrals--and they have all been baptized! One of her daughters had
been taught by the elders, and when sisters were sent to the area, they began to visit her throughout the summer. Eventually they discovered that she was legally married and had 3 children of baptismal age.  Each member of the family progressed at different levels.  Eventually all 5 were consistently
coming to Church and were baptized General Conference weekend. Since their baptism, they have been working with 3 more children from the father's previous marriage, and they are now progressing toward baptism.

Words of Advice
Our Departing Missionaries

“Don’t become complacent.  Use this time to strengthen  your testimony and  develop Christ-like  attributes. As you see your
improvement, express your gratitude for the atonement of Jesus Christ.”
Elder Boyer

“If you want to be led to those who are prepared, be exactly obedient.  Don't compare yourself to other missionaries; we each have our own strengths and weaknesses.”
Sister Campbell

“Don’t forget that you are ‘in the middle of your mission’ until you are released! What counts is that you give it your all until the very end.”
Elder Cox

‘‘Don't get caught up in your own pride. Don't let anything bother you too much. Come what may and love it.” 
Elder Payne

‘‘Work. There is nothing that will help you more. And, God grants things to you according to your desires so make sure you have great
desires and you will be able to accomplish those things.’’ 
Elder Palmer

‘‘Be exactly obedient. That means obeying everything in the White Handbook including exercising for 30 minutes every day. IT’S A
Elder Kramer

‘‘Study and focus on Elder Ballard’s 8 steps/principles:
1. Establish Priorities 
2. Set Attainable Goals 
3. Budget Wisely 
4. Build Relationships 
5. Study the Scriptures
6. Take Care of Yourself 
7. Live the Gospel 
8. Pray Often.” 
Elder McClain

‘‘Be humble, faithful and do everything you can to keep the spirit of the Lord with you at all times. Through your faith and exact obedience to the Savior, you may call down miracles to assist you in this great work.” 
Elder Rice

‘‘Obey and work hard. Never postpone a prompting!’’
Elder Durfee

‘‘Be exactly obedient to Preach My Gospel no
matter how awkward it may seem. Listen to your leaders – you’ll be doing it your whole life!” 
Sister Jewell

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