Sunday, November 17, 2013

Letters from home

Kandis, our daughter in law, sent us this e-mail about our grandson, Lance, who is 4 years old.

The other day Lance was at my mom's and she told me this story: 

Lance took a carrot outside and just sat on her deck looking straight ahead towards the mountains, just quietly eating his carrot. 

My mom came out and asked him what he was doing. 

Lance said:  I'm looking at the West Indies.

Mom said:  You can see the West Indies from here?

Lance said:  Yes, when I eat carrots it makes my eyes long and I can see all the way to the West Indies!!

So cute, he mentions the West Indies quiet often in different references.

Last night he and I were talking about his school and I asked him who Gracie was:

She's my love mom.
Honey, your too young to be in love.
I'm not too young to love Gracie!
Enough said!

He is so funny! He makes us laugh all the time. Lance is doing great in school. As you saw in the letters we sent, he is writing his own name now. He doesn't like homework!! It's going to be a long 12 years in school. We will work on that.

I was telling him what a punishment would be for disobeying and I said to him "how does that sound" he replies "that sounds great mom" .

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