Monday, November 11, 2013

Letters from Home

Sister Sarah Pinnock
Bahia Blanca, Argentina
October 2013

Oh Hi!
So this week.... holy... this week.... where do I start?

My companion... solid... she really enjoys the work and she rocks at spanish so that is a way good thing!  She is also encouraging my spanish which is good because I am como se dice.... terrible.  The other two girls in my apartment are hilarious.  One reminds me of Chelsea... and all I´m saying is I think if Chels wanted to serve I think she would be pretty amazing.... she should come join the ranks... tell her I said that and also if she says no I’m not mad because I can't receive revelation for her.  The other sister in my apartment is hilarious!  She also loves to cook... I don´t hate it... on Halloween she made apple pie.... it was goooooood.  She gets done with her mission in a couple of months and is pretty homesick but we try to keep her focused.

Spanish = hahaha I don´t even know.  I promise I´m trying so hard but the three responses I usually get are:  1. Que lindo (which is kind of like saying, "how cute"... p.s. everyone in Argentina thinks I’m 16 and it´s fine haha like 10 people have asked me if I am 16… I guess that will pay off when I’m 110 years old and I want to look 100)  2.  They laugh (this is a common response from missionaries) or 3. They look at my companion and say, “Como?"  Haha… I have learned that the best way to cope with your failures is simply to laugh.  

Let’s be honest.  I am probably the worst missionary ever with my spanish but I have decided to pull an “Other Side of Heaven" and read the whole Book of Mormon out loud... dun dun dun!  My goal is to be done by Christmas so I can speak to David.... so Dave get ready for my amazing spanish.  

Some funny spanish experiences...  when I gave what I thought to be a really great prayer in a less-active member’s home and when I got done he said, “Yep you really need to work on your spanish"... or when I didn't know what scripture to give so I just opened my scriptures and read one that was marked... bad bad idea.  When I got home and read it I cried of laughter all night... Look it up 2 Nephi 9:28.  Haha I just laugh and laugh and pray and laugh.

Our investigators are pretty sweet.  In lessons I´m useless except for giving my testimony and prayers (haha) but I try to speak up and add a little something every once in a while.  

My companion is a huge talker though so sometimes it´s hard.  The work here is sooooooo different... like soooooooooo different!  I’m happy I got to serve in Arizona because it gave me such a strong spiritual foundation.  Here we walk and walk and walk and walk and walk.... it is like shopping with Jane times 10.  Falling asleep has never been so easy.... it takes all of five seconds til I’m out.  This last week it rained and I loved it.  We also did a service project which was fun.  I wish I could take a picture of all the houses because they are amazing.

Well I can honestly say that I am soooo happy!  Not every day is the best day but every day is worth it!   It´s crazy how much I am learning about myself and about Heavenly Father.... I can´t wait to give HIM a huge bear hug!  I love you all!!!!

Hermana Pinnock

I'm loving all of it!

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