Thursday, November 21, 2013

February 16, 2013
Festus & Nathaniel Chadband Baptisms

Sisters Reddy and Schindler, Elders Hill and Petersen
Sister Schindler and Elder Petersen  were both transferred to Trinidad  the following Wednesday

In the process of changing into baptismal clothing


The Williams family enjoying the wonderful Caribbean weather prior to the baptism

Elder Linton, Festus Chadband, 
Elder Petersen, Nathaniel Chadband, 
Elder Hill and Rocky Bowens

 Three elders 
with the Williams and Chadband Families

Elders Petersen and Hill
  Two fine elders who taught the two baptismal candidates

Portraits over and it's time for the baptism

This is the Tobago Branch baptismal font

Elder Linton preparing to baptize 
Festus Chadband

Festus is baptized and 
he thinks the 80 degree water is cold

Rocky cheers a successful baptism

Rocky congratulates his future father-in-law

Rocky prepares to baptize Nathaniel

Rocky is a bit nervous and asks for assistance

He is carefully instructed

Another successful baptism
  Nathaniel is out of the picture enjoying the warm Caribbean Sea

A baptism day is a beautiful day in Tobago

Festus wore a white robe over his baptism clothes.  I told him he looked like an angel!

Nathaniel on my right and Rocky on my left

Nathaniel is so happy.  He had asked several times over the past couple of months when he could be baptized.  He was very prepared for the occasion

Anderson is playing in the sand, oblivious to all around him

Sherlon, who  visits our home regularly, was baptized four weeks ago.  Everybody that sees him says he is a different boy. He knows the Linton's love him.  He decorated our Christmas tree

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