Monday, October 7, 2013

Tobago School Kids 

We've enjoyed seeing hundreds of kids on the streets of Tobago coming from and to school

 Everyone must wear a uniform from top to bottom 

From the color of the ribbon in their hair to the color of their shoes and sox

Each school has their own color designation and they are all Christian based

Backpacks are a coordination exception

On a given day we see hundreds of them on the streets - most of them are trying to "catch ride" to reach school or home

This is Che Sampson.  He is in our branch, a recent convert and very faithful in his attendance and service as a Priest

In this school the color choices are even coordinated between the girls and boys

This is Jewel.  She is not a member of the LDS faith but comes to seminary.  I wanted to take her picture and she kept covering up her face.  She has the most amazing eyes

Typical school kids weighed down with their packs

Some of the schools allow the boys to wear shorts but all of the schools require the girls to wear modest skirts or dresses below their knees

Public transportation buses are free if you're wearing a school uniform.  There are no formal yellow school busses like we know in the states.

If they don't ride a large bus the kids "catch a ride" or what we used to call thumb - except they wave their hands up and down.
It's a form of taxi service and they pay a few TT's for each ride, or around 50 cents in US money.  

Nikita and Natalie Williams are members of our branch

I took their picture as they were going into afternoon seminary

Elder and Sister Linton - out of uniform.
We were caught in a downpour during our morning walk and a security guard took our picture.

About 6:00 in the morning and around 80 degrees wet or dry - very refreshing.

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