Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Shern Job

Shern Job was introduced to our branch by Sister Cupid who knew him from work. She brought him to church six weeks ago and when I introduced myself to him there was alcohol on his breath and he smelled of cigaret smoke.  He looked terrible and I thought "no way will he investigate the church".  

He stayed through all three meetings.  He even came to priesthood which is held in my office with fifteen to eighteen participants.  We combine both Aaronic and Melchizedek Priesthood ages due to lack of rooms and leadership.  It is a tight fit.

At the end of Priesthood he stood up and loudly said, "I want to be baptized".  I was a bit startled and went over to him and told him that was wonderful and that the missionaries, Elders Petersen and Hill, would meet with him regularly and teach him the gospel.  I didn't have much faith that it would go beyond that day.

They began to meet with him in the chapel on a weekly basis - sometimes twice a week.  He came to church every sunday, stayed for the three meetings and also came for general conference.   After the first week, the Elders said they set a baptism date.  I have to admit, I was still skeptical that he would make it.

After three weeks, the Elders said he hadn't smoked or drank since the sunday he first came to church and I was beginning to understand that he was serious and much more than I gave him credit for.

So, six weeks and he is still 100% active and keeping all of the commitments in preparation for baptism.

We're excited - it's a wonderful day for a baptism in the Caribbean...

... and it looks like rain

Elder Linton, Shern Job, Elder Hill and Elder Petersen

Sister Reddy, Elder Hill, Shern Job, Elder Petersen & Sister Schindler

 Shern understands the brief baptismal instruction by Elder Linton

Three missionaries and a very excited baptism candidate

Waiting for the right wave

Shern is baptized

He put his head against my chest half crying and half laughing

 Shern made a shout of joy and fell backward into the water as we started to walk to shore

I'm telling Shern we need to finish the meeting  

He was a bit reluctant to leave the warmth of the Caribbean Sea

Shern is a very happy man

Sister Cupid on the left is the best missionary in the branch

She has introduced several investigators to the elders and sisters

Shern coming out of the dressing room in the trees

Shern Job & Sister Linton

Today is a new day for Shern - he is all smiles and ready for a new life

    After the baptism the rain came and we were soaked - another wonderful day in Tobago

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