Thursday, October 24, 2013

Letters from home
Sister Sarah Pinnock

So.... Sorry I didn't email yesterday... I was throwing up... all day.  But I'm fine now in fact probably better.  I did some serious soul searching with kneeling over the ivory throne.  It was funny though because I was acting all confident and the day before I talked to my comp and was all like "I don't get sick"... and then BAM it's 2am and I'm running for the toilet.... good times good times.  God has quite the humor.... also he's so smart and I've still got pride issues we're both obviously working on. I'm just happy that I'm alive and able to work today!

I GOT MY VISA!!!!... woop woop!  I leave the 23rd of this month! SOooooo Stoked on lifFFFFFFFFFe!!!!!  President called last week and told me and I almost died!  I honestly didn't think I would ever get it... and honestly it didn't matter because I <3 AZ  But I'm sooooooooooooooooo excited!

Most of the people in my district from the MTC have gotten there's as well including Hermana Fries who will be flying out with me.... 12 hour flight heck ya!  It's pretty exciting!  I guess I'll finally actually get to speak spanish haha!  I was talking to my companion and we figured I know enough spanish to get me into trouble and maybe crack a few jokes... so that should go well.  

On sunday I got kind of sad though because I realized that I'm going to be leaving some of the best humans out here!  I really love everyone here so much and I'm sad because I won't be able to see lots of my finished projects... I'm also going to miss Sister Hansen and President and Sister Toone!!.... Holy best humans.  But i'm so grateful for the opportunity I had to serve in Yuma!  

This last weekend we had stake conference that was way awesome!!!  We got to go to the adult session that was all about... you guessed it missionary work... best thing!  I feel like the members in this area are just starting to get more missionary minded.  We can tell that they are making a bigger effort which is pretty awesome!  We have organized more meetings, splits, and we are finally feeling more like one instead of two separate groups.... again makes me a little sad to leave but It's all good!

I'm going to try and leave this area as strong as I can.... I remember when I first got out here I thought to myself "I'm going to baptize this whole area and create 5 new stakes"... haha didn't happen but I have learned so much and my testimony has sky-rocketed through the roof and I have seen the hand of God in me and those around me and nothing feels better than that! (that felt good to type).  I really gave/am giving it all that I've got (when I'm not throwing up) so I guess that's all that matters.  I've got A LOT to learn still but I love it!  And I love all of you!

XO your favorite Sister PInnock

P.s. mom I don't need anything don't worry!  I'm set and ready to rumble! If you do want to send anything though now is the time.... also I'm sending some things home... don't get too excited Yuma is really only known for it's Date Shakes and I can't really send those but I couldn't just leave my best friends empty handed... LOVE YOU!!!!

Dear Family,

First let me say that I swear I read all your letters!!!!  I love them so much and they mean the world to me!!!!!  Dad you make me laugh so hard!  I'm sorry my letters can be kind of lame but we legit have like zero time on here hence I can't write personal letters.

I fly out on Wednesday but I'm driving up to Tempe today.  I have no idea what my flying plans are... like at all.  They've kept me pretty in the dark but just know that I'll be calling some time on Wednesday haha!

This week has been a really great one!!  It's also been really hard to say good bye but I've been so grateful to be able to work in this area.  I really feel like I have given it my all!  The hard thing about Heavenly Father is that no matter how much you try and pay him back he always gives you more...  none of us can even get close to him.  It's hard to say goodbye to people that you probably won't ever see again.  I went to one members home and he gave me this huge amazing blanket that he knitted.... I couldn't help but cry. I tried to pack it to Argentina but there was zero space and that sucker is huge!!!!  I might need you to mail it to me haha.  Holy I'm going to miss them all soooooo much!  They are some of the best people I have ever met!

I want to talk real quick about the difference in the two main English wards I worked with.  One dragged, they did everything with a grunt and a frown... the other worked together!  They continually gave with a smile and asked what more they could do!  Of course the one ward wasn't completely awful and the one wasn't perfect but I must say that the spirit that I felt while working in the two different wards was visible!  Don't get me wrong I LOVED both wards but I want you to think how you are fulfilling in your calling.... Whether it be just going to class, a small assignment, or a larger calling... Are you doing it with a smile and an attitude to serve?... if not repent.  

Give Heavenly Father all you got because Heavenly Father has blessings he's waiting to pour out!!  I will forever be grateful for my experience here in Yuma Arizona!!!  I can't wait to hear from my comp about how all our investigators are doing... holy I'm going to miss her too!  One of my best friends... what a blessing she was in my life!... best human.

I'm going to end here now so I can send some pictures!

I <3 yuma AZ!  I <3 my family!

xo Hermana Pinnock

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