Friday, October 4, 2013

The Timothy family

We love them and believe much progress is being made in their living circumstance as well as their spiritual growth

Sherlon Timothy's baptism at Back Bay

This is 4 year old Mya 

This is 7 year old Ronaldo

This is 13 year old Whitney

Whitney outside washing the dishes 

Sister Timothy has no sink - hopefully that will soon change

We have been working with the Catholic Church in doing an addition to their home

We have taken away two truckloads of garbage and are preparing to pour a sidewalk behind their home where we will put the washing machine that we gave her

The Catholic Church has done a remarkable job of rebuilding their home 

Mya and Ronaldo are bundles of energy

They are quite content and are always looking for a hug and treat

Mya showing off her "do"

A patchwork hairdo of tight braids

Sherlon Sandwich - asleep on our couch

He walks to our home twice a week, showers or swims and Sister Linton washes his clothes

Always anxious for something to eat, his favorite sandwich is peanut butter with honey, grapes, chocolate sauce and whipping cream

 He knows where all of the ingredients are, eats two and likes to top off his afternoon snack with a bowl of ice cream

Elder Hill, Sherlon Timothy, Niccoli Timothy and Elder Petersen

Niccoli is taking martial arts at school and he said it teaches him "discipline" 

Both Niccoli and Sherlon have made a substantial change in the past few months

Niccoli is in the missionary preparation class at our home and Sherlon is learning that difficult circumstances at home shouldn't hold him back

Mya Timothy at Sherlon's baptism

The water is a little more active this afternoon

A beautiful place for baptisms

A few more instructions


Ronaldo is all smiles

Sherlon is 12 and learning to become a man

Lasana Stewart in the red shirt was baptized in May 2013

We love Lasana's hair - tightly woven, well groomed and weighs a pound or two

Lasana is an "mechanical engineer" working on a building in Tobago

Unfortunately he is here temporarily - He's a blessing to our branch and when he leaves he will be greatly missed  

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