Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mine elect hear my voice

Testimonials from the West Indies Mission

Referral from a Recently Baptized Member
Elder Boyer & Elder Dohrman

The Curepe Ward witnessed the baptisms of a wonderful mother and daughter, Heather and Grace, over the span of a few weeks in May.  One day these sisters invited the missionaries over for dinner and Grace’s non-member husband Romano was invited to hear the lessons from the missionaries.  The Elders simply asked him if he’s seen a change in them since they had joined the Church and if he’d be interested in coming to Church with them.  An affirmative answer followed, and after 3 short weeks, Romano was baptized to complete this wonderful family.  This is an excellent example of the light of the gospel shining from recently baptized members, and how their willingness to share their newfound faith brought another soul to a knowledge of the truth.

Mine Elect Hear My voice
Sister Campbell & Sister Schindler

I would like to share with you a miraculous story that shows how the Lord is hastening his work on the island of Tobago.  About two months ago we got a phone call from a man that wanted us to come and teach him.  We had no idea who he was or where he lived, and as we tried to get directions to his house we found it to be impossible to understand just where he lived.  So, we invited him to come to church and give us better directions.  That following Sunday a strange man showed up at church that no one knew.  His name was Michael.  Sister Schindler and I did not put two and two together so we left it to the elders to fellowship him since he was after all a man.  During the week we got a call from this man again that wanted us to come and teach him.  He said, “I went to church!”  That’s when it dawned on us, we immediately set up an appointment with him and did our very best to follow his mumbled direction to his house.  With some prayer we were able to find where he lived.

On Saturday July 13 Michael Phillip Heath entered into the waters of baptism.  When he came up out of the water he was shining with the Spirit and began to laugh because he was so happy.  He bore his testimony that since he began attending church he has felt more peace in his life.  It was a very sweet moment.  Nothing however could have been more sweet than when he was confirmed.  As he walked to the front of the chapel, this six-foot tall strong mason broke down into tears.  He sobbed as hands were placed upon his head to give him the gift of the Holy Ghost.  It was a privilege for all in the chapel to witness such a moment.

I know that the Lord is hastening his work and that not only will we find the prepared ones, but they will find us.  I have witnessed this for myself.  This is the Lord’s work.  I know it.

Power of the Holy Ghost
Sister Stephensen & Sister Edmonds

 One day Sister Edmonds and I were out contacting in St. Lucia.  She saw a boy sitting in a tree and felt impressed to contact him.  the very first thing he said was "Do you have a book I can read?"  We introduced the Book of Mormon and taught him about priesthood authority.  He understood.

Though he can't read well, he began reading a little every day.  he told us that he felt different when he read and that things that he used to do he didn't have a desire to do anymore.

Garvin attended church the first Sunday he was invited.  He told us he was really nervous, but he took a big breath and walked in and as soon as he did he just felt really good and happy inside.  He was baptized April 13th and received the Holy Ghost the next day.  He told us "I liked that special prayer when I got the Holy Ghost.  I used to feel I was alone, but now I feel like I have a friend with me all the time."  We are really proud of him.

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