Friday, August 23, 2013

Two journeys, two days, two blogs

We were invited to join another couple from Trinidad that flew to Tobago for some 
rest and rehabilitation
We were happy to accommodate them and were richer for the experience 

 Journey 1

A two-hour walk on the golf course paths 
rewarded us with 
a surprise on the 8th green

We have walked these paths many times and are always impressed with the hanging vines 

We didn't anticipate the burst of color as we walked around a large grove of trees
This morning the vines had burst into bloom
A couple of the seasoned residence said: 
"The explosion of color will be gone in a few of days"

 We call this the hanging vine walk

The palm trees have the vines wrapping their trunks in a green blanket

This morning we noticed the vines had suddenly changed - they were blooming 
 shades of gold

 Nettie is enjoying the transformation

 The vines cover both the trunk and tree tops

A waterfall of gold

 A hanging flower garden

 The blooming vines dominate the trees

 A profusion of color with a rich but subtle scent

  A hanging bouquet of yellow garlands on the 8th green


The Rain Forest

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