Thursday, May 29, 2014


President's Message

Elders and Sisters, Central to our Father's plan is Jesus Christ's Atonement (Preach My Gospel 31-32).  Because our Father loves us so much he provided a way for us to become like Him and return to His presence. Only through faith in Jesus Christ and His atonement is this possible.  We must understand the atonement of Jesus Christ in order for it to be effective in our lives. When we truly understand the atonement, we will make necessary changes to follow Him. As our understanding of the Atonement grows, our desire to share the gospel will increase (Preach My Gospel 2).  On our missions, we learn how to apply the atonement as we exercise faith in Christ daily. We talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ, we prophesy of Christ (2 Nephi 25:26).  How can you personally follow Jesus Christ? I invite you to ponder this question. Here is my own list.  If I understand Jesus Christ and His atonement:

• I will obey His command.
• I will show charity towards all.
• I will repent.
• I will serve others.
• I will love.
• I will resist temptation.
• I will have an eye single to His glory.
• I will build His kingdom.
• I will bless others.
• I will honor His legacy.
I love Him--and I know you do too.
With love,
President Mehr

Tamenga, Suriname
Elder Hall, Elder Alpeter, Elder Demoya, Elder Hall
Two Baptisms from Celebration 2015!!

Sister Yetti, a great member missionary, brought Astrid Koopman to "Celebration 2015" and introduced her to us! She attended church immediately and has not missed a Sunday since! Sister Koopmaan and her grandson, Kevin, took the missionary lessons and were baptized a month later. Sister Yetti attended most teaching appointments.  "Celebration 2015" was a great tool to introduce them to the gospel!  When Kevin’s mom refused to let him be baptized, we encouraged him to explain to her why he wanted to be baptized again. He gave the best answer I have ever heard! He told his mother that the first baptism was not valid in the eyes of God, and he now wanted to be baptized by the correct authority! It was so great! It is vital that those we teach understand priesthood authority. Kevin will start seminary soon and he plans to serve a
mission in 2-3 years.

Trinité, Martinique
Elder Dayton and Elder Fraley
Member Referrals

Without the help of the amazing members in Martinique, the miracle of Christina’s baptism never would have taken place. The Anthony family referred her.  Every teaching appointment was set up by Brother Anthony. Every lesson was taught at the house of his mother, who also helped Christina prepare for baptism. Other
members from the Trinité group and branch were with her every step of the way. She was so excited for her baptism and actually fasted just to make sure that everything would work out. The whole process was a true example of effective member work.

San Fernando, Trinidad
Elder Rowley, Elder Olesen and Elder Christensen
Power of Member Work

Sister Matthews has a son who is a member. She set out to prove to her son that his religion was wrong! But after several years, she was impressed by her son’s example. She began to come to church with him and enjoyed the spirit and members there. She became more serious about the church but did not want to speak to the missionaries until she was sure she wanted to be baptized. During the recent General Conference, her son told us that she was ready to be taught. She already had a powerful testimony of the restoration so she progressed quickly.  It has been amazing to hear how her heart was softened because of the example of her son. Members are so powerful in word and in example!  Member work is definitely the most effective way to do missionary work!

San Fernando, Trinidad
Elder Rowley, Elder Olesen and Elder Christensen
Former Investigators

A few months ago, Shanti approached us and told us she was a Mormon. We visited her and her grandson Christopher the following week. It turns out that she is not a member but studied with missionaries a long time ago. She and her grandson both loved learning the gospel and their testimonies are growing. Christopher
was baptized on the 19th of April and is so happy! He loves coming to Young Men. Shanti is working on getting married and wants to be baptized as soon as possible. They are a huge help to the ward and love missionary work, referring us to their friends and teaching with us often!

Castries, St. Lucia
Members and Missionaries
House Meetings really Work!
After the fireside on "House Meetings" the members in the Castries Branch got excited and started inviting their friends over! These Elders have four house meetings going on and have found many new investigators as a result. In the Castries Branch, there are five investigators with baptismal dates because they have been involved with the members and their house meetings. Member work has increased dramatically and the missionaries are teaching far more lessons to investigators with members present!

Vreed-en-Hoop, Guyana
Elder Watson and Elder Mitchell
List of Less-Actives from the Branch President

When we first arrived in Vreed-En-Hoop we requested a blessing from the Branch President and a list of names of less active families to visit. The Rampersauds were on the list. We visited Brother Rampersaud outside his house and simply invited him to church. He and his wife and daughters actually came that Sunday! We soon set a baptismal date and started preparing his daughters for baptism!  In the process, they also got their cousin Kevin interested! They were all Baptized on Saturday April 19th by Brother Rampersaud and confirmed the following day. Brother Rampersaud is now our Branch Mission Leader and Sister Rampersaud is the Young Women's President. It's very special thing to witness a family be united in the gospel. They now are working towards attending the temple and being sealedas an eternal family.

Point Fortin, Trinidad
Elder Bates, Elder Cox, Elder Jeppson
Finding through Part-Member Families

Point Fortin is really going to be blessed by these two future priesthood holders. Both of these great men were from part-member families. The Lord certainly prepared them!  Their lives have been blessed by the efforts of many, including the Regises, the Monsons, and many missionaries over the years. We were very
fortunate to be here and witness the harvest of all those labors!

Arima D’Abadie, Trinidad
Sister Wilson and Sister Munafo
Faith Despite Trials

Carlson had been praying to find some direction. He had many trials in his life and had been to many different churches. He felt prompted to leave his home and catch a maxi. He explained that something told him not to catch the first maxi but to wait for the next one. Meanwhile, we missionaries felt prompted to catch an earlier bus so we could visit a few people before an appointment. We met Carlson on that bus! He later told us that he knew we had been sent of God.  We gave him a tract to read and then got off the bus. The next morning he called early and had lots of questions.  He came to church the next Sunday with his brother and told us that he knew the Church was true. He learned everything very quickly and grew an immediate love for the gospel and the Book of Mormon. On the day of his first baptismal date, his father told him that he would be kicked out of the house, leaving him no place to live. He was not baptized that day. However, he had told us he knew the church was true. We continued to work with him. His faith was incredible to see. He set a new baptism date and decided to follow through with it no matter what, knowing that the Lord would provide a way. Two weeks later he was baptized. His father softened and let him make his own decisions and still stay in the home. Miracles happen if we will but have faith in God.

Vauclin, Martinique
Sister Stahle, Sister Vance
Finding through Less Active Members

While contacting recently with a member, we found a less active woman who has led us to many others! Her boyfriend is interested in the gospel, and together they have 3 kids over the age of 8. We have continued to see them and they are super awesome. We also found out that two of her sisters are baptized, and they live right next to her with her mom, who is also a member! They are all super nice and have a desire to come back into the fold of God.

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