Saturday, May 17, 2014


Hermana Sarah pinnock

So this week was another good one!  Lots of fun.. we went on divisions again and I enjoyed it!... I also did something I never thought I would do.... tried to save a cat... worst idea of my young life!  Picture the companion as a stool and me as the cat fighter... hahah ok it wasn't that bad but the companion was definitely the stool and that cat was rebellious and ridiculous.... When Adam and Eve were tempted in the garden I actually think it was a cat not a snake that did the tempting... those things are the worst.... I still can´t believe 
I´m going to come home to one.... that liver.

We had some really solid lessons this week but some others that were not so great.  One less active had a panic attack/meltdown.  Something I will never do is not go to church because of other people in my congregation.... it´s sad because people just build their faith on the activities and friends and not for the real reason which is Jesus Christ.... It's sad because I feel like so many people are just wasting time trying to do things their own way instead of just looking up and getting some real strength from their Heavenly Father.

So I´m going to see ya'll in a week when we Skype so I´m going to save talking about life for then but know that I love you guys!!!!  See you in a few!!!

Anzio Joshua Pinnock

We had a fun couple of days because this last week Italians have had about a million holidays so we just end up walking around for hours trying to talk with whomever is outside...there aren't a lot of people outside. But that was last week and this new one is going to be a lot better. Me and my companion really kicked it up a notch because we haven’t been too good these last two weeks with finding quality investigators.

So Monday and Tuesday were super good. We have already taught 9 lessons in two days which for Italy is really good plus we got a new investigator and we set a baptismal date with another investigator so we have been doing well. Also I gave a talk on Sunday. The members said they really enjoyed it but they also laughed because I made a lot of mistakes with the language so that was a blast. My comp told me a lot of the mistakes that I made and they were not good. But whatever I started my talk off by telling them to be patient because I would make mistakes and I did.

Besides that life has been the same. Some of our members continue to drive us insane while others make life a lot better. Good or bad we keep working so that’s the important thing. Me and my companion have been having some real fun. Also apparently the card game BANG! is Italian so we play that every p-day when we have time. We are all getting really good at it.

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