Saturday, May 17, 2014


Elder Joshua Pinnock,

Happy birthday on the 23rd.  We are so thrilled to hear about your mission experiences and successes.  You are blessing many lives by your faithfulness in teaching the people of Italy.

We have less that 3 months to serve and are now traveling throughout the mission giving patriarchal blessings.  I'm still the Branch President and we still assist our missionaries in their work - we are very busy.  Two weeks ago we were in Barbados, last week we were in Trinidad and Monday morning we fly to Guyana.  We have a week to finish the blessings of Guyana and then we fly to Granada.  This is our schedule until we go home in August.  We love being with the missionaries and members.  Our lives are blessed by the sweet and gentle spirit of the people in the West Indies.  We try to do two or three blessings a day and hopefully we will get to all eleven countries before we go home.

Your mother shares your experiences with us and we are always touched by your dedication to the Lord's work.  I know you are growing daily by your service.  The influence you are having on the people you teach will change many lives through generations - you couldn't give a greater gift to the wonderful people you serve.

We love you and pray for you.  Please have a happy birthday, eat some cake and gelato and think of your mango and fish eating Grandma and Grandpa in the equatorial sun of Tobago.

XOXO Grandma and Grandpa, AKA Sister and Elder Linton    

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