Saturday, January 11, 2014


Kingstown, St. Vincent
Elder Salima and Elder Brown
• • •
A couple months ago, these elders received a referral from
Brother Adams, a member of the Branch Presidency. Brother Adams had a close friend, Brother Roberts, who he had been sharing the Gospel with for years without much success. Finally, this man's heart was softened after he was hospitalized for about a week. In the hospital he started to read the Book of Mormon and absolutely loved it! The elders
began teaching him and his family. He and his girlfriend were married and baptized about two weeks later with
their son! Brother Adams trusted these missionaries and this family will be a great addition to the branch.

Garden Park, Guyana
Elder Egbert and Elder Brown
• • •
These elders shared the Restoration movie with an active member family and asked who they knew who would be ready for the gospel. They were referred to a less active
member, Sister Miller, whom they began to teach. At first she was not very interested, but after an inspired question she really opened up with all her concerns and feelings. They assured her that keeping the baptismal covenant would help her with her problems. As she began to be
more active in church her three children followed and asked what they needed to do to be baptized. They then started working with the children who progressed very quickly and were baptized soon after!

Cayenne, French Guyana
Elder Call and Elder Miyasaki
• • •
Elder Miyasaki and I were contacting in town. I felt we should contact in an apartment building above a Chinese restaurant. Amazingly the door to the stairs was open, which is hard to find in the city. As we took the first steps up the stairs inside, a Brazilian on a scooter ran in after us and asked if we were the Elders. He told us that he had family in Brazil and that he talked to the sister missionaries there and wanted to be baptized, but didn't have enough lessons before he left.  When he got to French Guyana, he couldn't find the church and has been looking for it since! He also has a cousin who is on a mission in Brazil!  We wrote down his information and he came to church the next day!  

Uitkijk, Suriname
Elder Helm and Elder Jenkins
• • •
On Christmas night we got a mystery text. Someone we had contacted I guess took us seriously enough and prayed about Joseph Smith. And got an answer. We contacted him last transfer and he gave us a phone number and we hadn't seen him since.  But we asked him to read the restoration pamphlet we gave him and to pray about it. He prayed and
knows that its true! That was awesome! His name is Feliciano, and we thought he was gone forever! But we have a return appointment now for this coming Saturday! Yes!

Black Rock, Barbados
Elder Gibson and Elder Hendry
• • •
Elder Gibson and Elder Hendry were taking care of some senior couple duties in the Oistins area. Elder Hendry felt
inspired to contact a man. He lived in Black Rock but had no phone so the elders could not contact him again. But he showed up at church the following week! Because these elders were willing to follow the Spirit and were worthy of its promptings they were blessed to help this man find the
gospel and be baptized on December 21st!

Phillipsburg, St. Maarten
Sister Crompton and Sister Tia
• • •
Nicole is the mother of a missionary who is serving in Haiti right now. Her son had been teaching her the gospel for
quite some time, and after he left on his mission, she
began to take the lessons seriously.  She talked to him on Christmas and didn't tell him that she was getting baptized because she wanted it to be a surprise for him! She was baptized two days later. We can truly see how much families are blessed when missionaries are serving.

Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe
Sister Hawkes and Sister Stahle
• • •
The sisters had scheduled an appointment with a new
investigator and had invited a member to teach with them. They went to the appointment a little early to make sure the investigator was there but she wasn't home! They said a quick heartfelt prayer and ran from house to house looking for someone to teach with the member who would be there
in fifteen minutes. The second house they called into Matild came out. The sisters asked if they could come back in ten minutes and she said yes. They came back with their member and had an incredibly spiritual lesson.  Matild came to church the next day and quickly set a baptismal date. She
said that she knew the message was true during the first lesson because the spirit testified to her that they were messengers of Jesus Christ. She really was prepared by the Lord!

San Fernando, Trinidad
Elder Oleson and Elder Harding
• • •
Anthony Jones entered the waters of baptism within 4 weeks of meeting him. He was so prepared. He is always the first
one to church and WALKS to church from his house which is an hour away.


  1. Hello Lintons,

    My name is Ken Workman. Sister Workman and I are soon to begin a mission in the Washington D.C. Temple. During a cruise last month, we met a man named Vernon Taylor on the island of Saint Kitts who impressed us very much. He has a wonderful wife and daughter. I tried to submit his information via the free-book-of-mormon phone line. They couldn't reach him by phone so are talking about giving up. I found your blog and know you will help. Would you please send me the mission office phone number so I can phone the referral information directly to the mission. It's really hard to submit a referral and know that action will be taken. Thanks for your help.

    Ken Workman

  2. Here is the information for sending referrals for the West Indies Mission:

    Sister Ray
    West Indies Mission Secretary
    1 868 358 3502