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West Indies Mission
Baptisms and Success Stories

Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe
Elder Christensen and Elder Porterfield
• • •
A great testimony of working with members!

Agnes told us that the moment she knew the gospel was true was when she met Sister Abenzoar and heard her testimony of the Gospel and how it has changed her life. Since that meeting she has never missed a day of church.

Point Fortin, Trinidad
Elder Westbroek, Elder Bates
• • •
Sister Sandra Mohammed has been taught by the missionaries
for over a year and a half. She had always struggled to commit to a
baptism date, until the elders decided to fast with her. As they fasted for what day she should be baptized, she selected a date, but then was bombarded with trials in her life. She recognized her trials as a test of her commitment, and even compared it to the life and
experiences of Joseph Smith. She was baptized by the Port of Spain stake president, President Gould, on November 16th, her daughter's

Sainte-Rose, Guadeloupe
Elder Glover, Elder Bodily
• • •
We found Alexandrine and her two kids in a miracle of random
contacting our first week. In our first visit, she said that she had met with the missionaries already and knew that the Book of Mormon was true. We had a short lesson to find out why she had told the other missionaries (Elder Baldock and Elder Pavia) to stop the
lessons. She explained that she had received negative responses from friends and family, but that after thinking about it she still felt a desire to be baptized, and had been waiting for the missionaries to come back. We set a date and three weeks later she was baptized with her kids.

Wanica, Suriname
Elder Romney, Elder Beckstrand
• • •
We had a fasting miracle. A recent convert brought a friend to church with her! In Gospel Principles class, she learned about the restoration, and is excited for us and her member friend to come teach her. It's great to get a member referral, and it's even better when you meet that referral in church!

St. George's, Grenada
Sister Cragun, Sister Kime
• • •
The sister missionaries were teaching several neighbors of a recent convert.  One of them, Dianna, was initially against what they were teaching. As the sisters continued teaching this group of investigators, they answered her questions and kept in contact. In
September she finally started showing signs of change. She became a consistent investigator and began opening up, and she expressed a
feeling of abandonment from God and from other churches. Quickly after she began reading from the Book of Mormon she gained a testimony of the Restoration, and qualified herself for
baptism. She was baptized November 24th, 2013.

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad
Elder Jamison & Elder Guzman
• • •
Wayne was contacted by the Elders in Curepe and passed onto the
missionaries in Port of Spain. He had had many interactions with members of the Church in his workplace in Florida, and had even visited Salt Lake City to attend a concert of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. He was originally Catholic, converted Buddhist, and had received a multitude of anti-Mormon influences from his peers. When he returned to his home country of Trinidad, he was
having a really difficult time wondering if God was aware of him.
That day he was contacted by the missionaries. Despite his original
opinions of the Church, he accepted the lessons from the missionaries, and as a result of faithful reading of the Book of Mormon and church attendance, Wayne was baptized on
Thanksgiving Day.

Elder Petersen, Elder Hill
• • •
Festus is the father in a part member/less-active family, and has been studying with missionaries since the beginning of 2013. He and his son Nathaniel were both studying with the missionaries. Nathaniel was planning to be baptized on the 16th; his father, however, wanted to pick his own baptismal date when he was
ready. Halfway through Nathaniel’s baptismal interview, Festus called us and said "I am ready and want to be baptized this Saturday with my son." On Saturday November 16th, Festus
and Nathaniel were both baptized. And, the entire family has become active and are serving in assignments and callings in the branch.

Christ’s Church, Barbados
Sister Shelton, Sister Hendricks
• • •
Linda Alleyne is a miracle from the fast referred by a member.
We started teaching her but initially she was not interested. She slowly opened up and now loves the Book of Mormon. We are so blessed to be working with her.

Curepe, Trinidad
Elder Beck, Elder Jeppson, Elder McCalla
• • •
Nakeesha was found in Tobago about a year ago by Sister Weaver. She moved to Trinidad in July and finally was baptized. Now she loves doing missionary work with her mom!

"The course of our lives is seldom determined by great, life altering decisions. Our direction
is often set by the small, day-to-day choices that chart the track on which we run. This is the
substance of our lives -- making choices."
President Hinckley

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