Saturday, January 18, 2014


Hello Friends and Family,
Sorry I haven’t sent around letters from my favorite missionaries lately.  We went to the island of Tobago to visit Elder and Sister Linton for two weeks and I’m just starting to get back into the swing of things.  

So this last week was a good one....  the weather was a lot nicer and I don´t know, but Hna. Zubeldia and I were just super happy...  I don’t know why but this week was just a good one.  This is the last week of transfers (so crazy how time flies).  I think I´ll be in this area for the next one... I´m a little nervous that Hna. Zubeldia will leave because I still feel sooooo new and my Spanish is like gargling nails but I know that whatever happens is supposed to happen.
We went on exchanges this week and that was a nice time!  I was also with Sister missionaries from Honduras and Peru for New Years!  We basically just ate a lot of food... I enjoyed it.  It´s fun getting to know all these people from all over the world but also sad because the chance of me seeing lots of them after the mission is pretty slim.... boo.  But I´ve been finding my inner-latino lately so that`s fun!

We have some solid investigators and I see miricles every day.... it´s the best!  Like two days ago we were walking and Hermana Zubelia was like "I want to knock at this house" and I was like “Buenos"... well we knocked on it and this cute way pregnant lady opened the door….She said that she has one more month but I think that little booger is coming today!  Anyway, we were talking and her husband came in who was just in a car accident and he said how the night before she was crying over how their lives were going and they prayed to have some help….And then we came to the door.  Heavenly Father really has a hand in our lives...  I´m so excited for the day when I can look at my life and see all of Heavenly Fathers hand prints.  I think most of the time we don´t see what's really happening, what Heavenly Father has really done, what we are really doing, how our actions affect people, and how our obedience to Heavenly Father protects us.  You know the story of Jesus walking on the water when Peter tries and he starts pretty good then he just falls.  I find it interesting how Jesus tells him he has little faith.... Because to me he had a ton of faith to start walking on the water but the truth is we all need more faith.... Why do we ever doubt Heavenly Father?  Why would we ever let ourselves follow anyone else?  I don´t know but we all do it.  I love how all Heavenly Father wants is obedient children.... sorry this was kind of a ramble and typing my thoughts feels like smudging chocolate cake on the screen but I want ya’ll to know that obedience is the easiest and happiest way to live.... just do it!
Well I love you freaks!  Happy Birthday to Sarah Men on the 12th ... love you!  And congrats to everyone who is engaged!...  But a special thank you to all the friends who are not engaged or married.... hold to the rod!

XO Hemana Pinnock

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