Sunday, February 9, 2014


Anziano (Joshua) Pinnock

Mom, that is super cool hearing about your personal experience with fasting and going to the temple. That is so great I can't wait to go to the temple when I get back. As far as my life here it is going great. I can't think of any amazing things right now but I love my mission. Everyday for the most part is just better than the one before. 

I am in 3rd Nephi right and this is the second time that I have read the Book of Mormon on my mission. I love it so much and I'm kind of mad at myself for not reading it more in my life before my mission. Everytime I read it I get a ton more out of it and it makes more sense. 

My companion and I continue to get along really well and I'm going to be sad when I leave Verona and get a new companion. I hope he can be as good as this one. So my time here in Verona has been long but good. I can understand Italian a million times better than when I got here but I still have a lot to learn and will for the rest of my mission. 

Next friday we are going to have a baptism if all goes well and there should be another one to follow as soon as they go and get married. So we were teaching the law of chastity when we learned that the couple we were teaching
weren't married so now they can't be baptized.  It's all good because they are just waiting for their papers so they can return to Nigeria to be married but until then they can't be baptized but we are still teaching the lessons and they are super great. 

The man who is going to be baptized next week is Desmonde and he is the best. I can't see a single problem that might stop him from being baptized so that's great.

Besides them we arent teaching anyone right now. We're still have some problems meeting with some of our investigators but we are slowing getting in contact with all of them. Tomorrow we have a lesson with one of them and that will be great. 

So, I'm doing great. I made a goal to finish the Italian BOM before my birthday so that is going good and I love it. I can understand more and I got past the Isaiah chapters and Jacob 5 so now there is just Alma but that is now one of my favorite books ever. It is soo jam packed and amazing. 

That is about it for this week. We taught Desmond a lot and the couple once but that's about it. We are loving it here and I kind of hope that my mission can always stay this great or improve.  Oh well there are going to be bad times but I'll love it all the same.  Have a great week you all.

Elder Josh

Hermana (Sarah) Pinnock

Ok, so hey fam,

This week has been loco!  We got to our new area last Monday and it´s a great time!  

This apartment belonged to the Elders last entonces it was DISGUSTING!  You don`t want to know about the places I`ve been and the things I´ve seen.  We started cleaning it at 3:00 and at 6:00 pm we had completed cleaning.... our bedroom.... haha!  Oh what fun.

Now for the nitty gritty.... this area basically rocks!  The members are the biggest sweethearts and are super stoked to have us because we are the first Sisters in this area ever!
My comaƱera basically rocks!  She is a winner at spanish and shares her testimony like a boss!  

This area is all dirt roads and a lot hotter then villa mitre... speaking of which... so people in NY are apparently dying of cold... what is this!?.. Second Coming say what?  Last week 4 people died at the beach in Argentina from a lightning strike.  All I'm saying is - it is time to repent.  

But ya it´s really hot and because we didn't start with any investigators we hit the streets and are trying to contact these formers like no bodies business.  I´m exhausted always but it´s a good thing.  

Pet Peeve on the mission = when people don´t keep good records of their area.  We have so many papers with tons of information just missing boo!  

But we are having a fun time and finding some really great people to teach.  Yesterday we found this family I´m really excited about.  They were super excited to let us in and actually listen.

I want to tell you all that I the scriptures are the best thing!  There is so much to learn and such little time to study!  I wish I could just study all day everyday!

Oh and I learned how to make meloneza... that was fun!

Well I love yal tons!  Sad about the package pero esta bien!

xo Herman Pinnock

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