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Elder Shariatmadari, Elder Evans
Working with Families

Sister Shia Glodon is 13 years old and had been coming to Church with her mom, who is one of our investigators. Even though her mom feels the Church is true and comes to Church, we were having a tough time helping her commit to baptism. Instead,we started putting a focus on her daughter. She quickly grew to love the Gospel and her Young Women's group. Her baptism has inspired her mother and now she is also getting things in order to be baptized! The Glodon's have been a blessing to work with!

San Fernando, Trinidad
Elder Creech and Elder Ferrin
Working with Members

Kiezlon is a Melchizedek priesthood holder who hadn't been to church for a while. We started working with him in April to prepare to baptize his son, Jesse, who recently turned 9. He resisted at first, but soon felt it was his duty as a father and priesthood holder.  Because of that goal, attending church was less of a chore and had purpose for him. He began to attend regularly and prepare his son for baptism. Jesse was baptized by his dad on May 10th, 2014. Now he wants to go to church, and we can definitely feel the change in their home.

Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe
Sister Tenney and Sister Eyre
Finding through Celebration 2015

We are so grateful for Celebration 2015!  One of the members in the Capesterre Branch invited her best friend, Chloe, and we started teaching her.  When she decided to be baptized, she wanted one of her best friends, Daniel Valmy, to baptize her.  He needed to be made a priest in order for that to happen, which he had been working on for a while. Once he was made a priest, he was also able to baptize his little brother Daniel, who is 9. It was a great example of how working with members will truly bless their lives!

Christ Church, Barbados
Elder Beck and Elder Hopkins
Member Work

Elder Anderson introduced us to his former investigator Stella Thorpe. We quickly got our dynamic duo, Sister Wiggins and Brother Waldron, involved.  The only lesson without a member present was the first one. I know that her baptism wouldn’t have worked out so well if it hadn’t been for the members and their fellowship!

Lamentin, Guadeloupe
Elder Belnap and Elder Porterfield
The Lord Puts Prepared People in our Path

Elder Porterfield and I went to an appointment and the investigator was not there. In that very moment, a
young man walked by and we began talking. We came back and taught him the Restoration. The Spirit was so strong and placed into our hearts the perfect questions to ask. He was awestruck with the First Vision and completely understood the restoration of the priesthood. By the end of the lesson, he said, "I will call my mom tonight and ask if I can be baptized"! I know the Lord truly will put us in the right places at the right
times if we are seeking to do His will.

Philipsburg, St. Maarten
Sister Hyde, Sister Hodge, and Sister Crompton
Pray for and Expect Miracles!

The power of praying for and expecting miracles is amazing! Alecia grew up knowing a lot about the church - she attended Young Women in high school, dated a member, and many of her friends have been members. We met her at an investigator's home. She emailed us one day asking what she needed to do in order to be baptized!!  She mentioned that she had talked about it with her husband and they felt it was the right path for her. We met her the next day and set a baptism date for the following Saturday. Now that she is baptized she is preparing to go to the temple in July to do baptisms for the dead. She loves the gospel and knows without a doubt that this church is true!

Curepe, Trinidad
Sister Edmonds and Sister Giles
Working with Part-Member Families

Agostino Victor, 9, prepared for baptism all on his own! One time his mom thought he was up to something
mischievous, so she went up to his room to find him reading his scriptures. Also at night she would find him praying with his older brother, Akardy, who is 11. He worked so hard for this day and was thrilled to finally go under the water. He loves Jesus Christ so much.

Vieux-Fort, St. Lucia
Sister Shelton and Sister Kirton

Terry is awesome!  We met Terry while contacting and he embraced the gospel from the beginning. He slowly got more understanding of the gospel and decided to be baptized. We found out afterwards that Terry had not been open to religion, church, or any religious books for many years. It amazed his mom to see how he changed and how open he was to us teaching him. He now has been sharing the gospel with his friends and family and comes faithfully to church each week.

Paramaribo, Suriname
Elder Romney and Elder DeMoya
Member Referrals

We set a baptismal date with a 23 year-old young man named Gino.  About a year and a half ago, he decided to change his life and prayed for direction. He began to make gradual changes in his life. Recently
he was invited to learn more about the Church by a colleague at work. He attended their family home evening where he watched the Restoration and heard their testimonies. Gino felt like he had found the path he'd been looking for and decided to be baptized!

Georgetown, Guyana
Elder Kabongo and Elder Telga
Part-Member Families

Olivia and Crystal were baptized because of the example of Olivia's grandmother, who brings her to church
every Sunday.  They even come to institute together, and little Olivia sits and listens for 2 hours!

Curepe, Trinidad
All the Missionaries
The Influence of Members and House Meetings

Maria McLaren has been hosting a House Meeting for a few weeks now. It started off with 10-15 people for the first couple weeks. But this last week it exploded and we estimate there were about 35 people there! Of those 35 there were at least ten nonmembers.  We socialized for a bit and helped the investigators form
friendships with the members, then there was a short lesson. We watched a Mormon Message, and after that we ate food and played games! Everyone had a good time and Maria is planning on having the House Meeting each Tuesday night. It's really helped our investigators and given them opportunities to meet more members.

Curepe, Trinidad
Elder Shariatmadari and Elder Evans
Following the Spirit

Brother Earl Riley is a 78 year-old man who is living life like he is 28! The only thing slowing him down is his memory, but he ALWAYS remembers the feelings he gets when he comes to Church and reads the word of God. These feelings are what inspired him to be baptized.

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