Saturday, March 2, 2013

Trinidad electrical work

It looks like a magpie nest

On our walk Saturday morning we saw some beautiful flowers.

We were told that the summer flowers are just starting to come out.

Every color and type you can image
The birds in the morning and evening are celebrating the day.

A local lady told us that her mother used to say "the morning birds are up celebrating life and you kids need to be up doing the same".

The creations of our Heavenly Father are something to behold.

Every color and shape you can imagine.

So prolific that some alight on the power lines.

One of the most beautiful trees we have seen.  It is probably twenty feet in diameter.

We met the man that is training this climbing bougainvillea flower - he is from England and said he lives to work in his yard with his flowers.

One of the local birds greeted us when we walked by. 

Nettie said he was easier to understand that some of the people we have met.

The view from our back porch into the swimming pool and the mountain forest behind.  In the morning the parrots big and small fly over our heads from the forest.  The chatter as they fly by is amazing!


  1. WOW! You have already had such a variety of experiences! It is a blessing to be able to SEE and read of what you are doing and how your mission is progessing so far. I hope that you have been able to fix up your apartment to the point it is more comfortable for you. I enjoyed all of your pictures of the flowers birds, trees and of nature in genereal - it was as if we were there right along side of you.
    So good of you to spend the time in keeping this blog up to date, we look forward to visiting with you again. Love Floyd & Kate Powell

  2. These are awesome photos, Dad!