Friday, March 8, 2013

Chaguanas Branch in background.  Upstairs in the white frame building at the end of the road.
Waiting on the sidewalk for the branch to start.  The two little girls and boy in the center of the picture like to sit with grandma (Nettie)
The branch meets upstairs and we are waiting for someone to come and open up the gate.
Cute little Cummings children are excited to see us.  Little Markie is in the front, Mariah is on the left and Maria is the tallest on the right.  Markie and Mariah are all smiles when they see us.

Church is over and their "Grandma" is walking them to our car so we can take them home.


  1. We are just so excited for you, for this opportunity to serve the Lord in such an exotic place and with such special people. They have no idea what incredible new missionaries they have now. Your love and focus on serving others will come in handy. We pray for you often.
    --Lonna and Max

  2. Hey mom and dad, Where you are looks awesome!! We love you and miss you. Anthony, Kandis,Kayden, Garrett, and Lance!!