Monday, July 15, 2013

Another week in Paradise

Dramatic sunrises over the Plantations start our mornings.

Pair of pelicans on a crocodile snout-rock cantilever formed by the ocean waves crashing under it.

We saw our favorite camin staring at us as we crossed above it on a bridge.  Perhaps he was thinking of breakfast.

Twice each week we go with the Elders and then the  Sisters to participate in visiting the members or teaching new investigators.  We look forward to the four days spent with them.

I tried once to drive up the concrete drive and spun out at the curve in front of Nettie.  Backing back down was a chore and nobody wanted to be in the car with me when I did - extremely steep.

Now I park at the foot of the drive and we walk up the pathway.

Looking back at our car.  It's a lot steeper than it looks in the photograph.

A few hundred feet more and we are at the top

Ann lives in the pink house with her daughters, Jewel and Deliha.  She has one boarder, Leon, from Jamaica.   He's a very gentle young man and refers to Ann as mom.  They have had two discussions and we hope to see them baptized on August 10th

One of several very large caterpillars in the tree behind Ann's house.  It is longer than my hand.  Probably about eight inches long

To celebrate my birthday, Nettie arranged for a 
glass-bottom boat trip at Pigeon Point.  I snorkeled in the coral reef and saw some spectacular fish and corals.

The waters are crystal clear and about 80 degrees. 

Yes, senior missionaries are allowed to swim!

Kathleen e-mailed a picture of this cake.  She said "Brittin made it for your birthday".  What a beauty - I wish we could have been there to enjoy it with them.  Grandma and Grandpa love Brittin, London and JoJo!

Insult of insults - Kathleen gave our cat Golden a "lion cut" to keep him cool in St George.

Then JoJo threw him in the swimming pool to cool off - I hope he survives the Smith Family "love".

 Who would have guessed these beautiful kids would have been so tough on my poor kitty cat.

Back to Missionary Work!

Preparing for the baptismal service of Phillip Heath and waiting for the Missionaries to change.  Phillip likes to go by the first name of Michiel.


Elder George and Michiel coming back from the change room (trees behind the rocks).

Sister Campbell, Michiel & Sister Schindler

A spectacular beach for a baptism.

Sisters George, Schindler, and Campbell, Michiel, Elders Petersen and Mello.

Into the Caribbean for the baptism of Phillip Heath (Michiel).  Elder Linton on the left, Brother Trevor George center front, Phillip behind him and Elder Petersen on the right.  I baptized Phillip and Brother George and Elder Petersen were witnesses.  


A bit of instruction.

When Phillip came out of the water he was laughing - a pleasant, joyful child-like laugh.

This blog was posted on Sunday after Phillip was confirmed.  This six-foot brick mason broke down and cried during the confirmation and we were all deeply touched.

We made another trip through the jungle to visit Sister Dookran.

We love going up the trail through the jungle to Sister Dookran's home.  She is a humble, devoted sister with little worldly means but rich in the gospel and filled with joy

Her garden of bodey beans.  
They are about 20 inches long and you snap them and cook them like string beans.

Her house on the hill.

With the kitchen sink outside of the window.

Sister Dookran's great grandson - Adesh Kissoon

A beautiful boy with chocolate eyes and silken curls.  I keep telling his mother that we want to take him back to Utah when we go home.

We discovered two additional granddaughters of Sister Dookran's - Madona and Amanda.  Both girls live in the mountains (jungle) and take care of their invalid father. 

A really big tree - Elder Linton at the base.  The tree is a living garden for host plants of all types - did I say I love trees?

While writing this blog, Matthew sent me a picture of his plate of food at Joshua's farewell social at Laura's home.  We miss our kids - we also miss the great food.

Beautiful missionaries at the MTC.  Our granddaughter Sarah on the left is headed for Argentina and Grace her best friend and cousin leaves for Bankock Thailand. 
Josh will join them Wednesday.

A butterfly we've seen once or twice on our walks.
Found it on the internet - named 
The Postman

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